Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises

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What We Do

ACRE (Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises) is a platform which allows international development charities to provide technical support and access to small and medium size enterprises with growth potential

We Connect Capital

By connecting enterprises to investment we address the gaps in financing to the rural sector, the gap in investment funding to complement grants, the lack of early stage patient capital and the lack of capital due to low investor confidence.



We Deliver Growth

ACRE targets upstream enterprises, which are critical in the smooth operation and scalability of rural value chains. Investments made through the syndicated finance model will complement the downstream commercial deals, leading to stronger market systems.

We Measure Change

ACRE builds understanding of the transformation process by measuring, evaluating and learning about enterprises that can have a pivotal effect on the value chain process and its impacts.



Into Action

How it Works


Catalysing enterprise growth is at the heart of our work.


Working with the right partners helps us create change.


We measure impact so we carry on supporting the right enterprises in the right way.


Impact investing offers many rewards, to both investors and the processes they support.


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