A strong focus on social impact is crucial. ACRE therefore targets enterprises that have a potentially pivotal effect on the efficiency or scalability of the value chain in which they operate.

The investment and associated technical assistance, in parallel to NGOs’ broader programme activities in the market system, will deliver strengthened economic and social benefits to wider communities.

One of the key limitations to the growth of impact investment as a whole is the lack of confidence created by the lack of transparency, consistency and credibility in how funds and investors define, track and report on the social and environmental performance of their capital. ACRE builds on existing reporting standards as well as our members’ experience of measuring impact to add value and demonstrate the effectiveness of investing for social good.

We believe that pre-investment support and quality service providers are also fundamental to enterprise success. For many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), expanding their businesses is a challenge as they often lack appropriate growth strategies and operations plans as well as the capacity to create an effective and investable business plan. ACRE continues to work closely with enterprises and extends seamless support. ACRE offers a quality control and follow-up mechanism to ensure that the technical assistance is utilised in the most efficient manner.

Enterprises interested can contact individual consortium members or  get in touch with ACRE directly.

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