ACRE supported enterprises are already having a significant impact on communities.

Nepal: Clean and accessible energy

In Nepal, we are supporting a renewable energy products and service provider, which is addressing the shortage of energy supply in rural communities through solar micro grids. They especially target marginalised households and small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas. The enterprise believes in clean and green source of energy, so promoting such energy is one of its utmost objectives.

Chile: Negotiation power

In Chile, an enterprise we are supporting, which was initially a beekeeping project, organises smallholders into formal groups to give farmers better negotiation power and help them gain certification (eg, Fairtrade, Global Gap) in order to add value to their products.

Nicaragua: Children’s health In Nicaragua

We are supporting a second-level cooperative that works with peanut and sesame producers; exporting their produce, and developing peanut butter and nut-based healthy snacking products for the local market. The cooperative plans to work with the Nicaraguan Government to set up a distribution network for schools; contributing to the improved nutrition of school children.

Ghana: Supply from local communities

An enterprise we are supporting in Ghana, which supplies yoghurt to supermarkets and shops, are creating local job opportunities for sales agents (90% of whom are women). They engage in various corporate social responsibility activities and also distribute free yoghurt to disadvantaged children through schools. They plan to shift to 100% production by local communities to enhance their impact.

Nicaragua: Climate resilience

Smallholder farmers in Nicaragua struggle to make enough income to cover their families’ basic needs, such as food, health and housing. Low yields due to erratic weather patterns make the situation even harder. A cooperative we are working with in the country supports farmers to cultivate hibiscus (a resilient crop that can withstand climate changes and is in great demand), trains small producers on better farming and harvesting techniques, and secures higher prices for their produce through value-added processing, creating both permanent and seasonal jobs.

Enterprises interested can contact individual consortium members or  get in touch with ACRE directly.