ACRE NGOs have produced significant results from their individual and collective work supporting and scaling-up impact enterprises in the global south. Individual NGOs have, to date, served dozens of impact enterprises worldwide.

For example, Christian Aid played an essential role in the establishment of the Fairtrade Foundation, providing a precedent for working together to achieve impact at great scale.

Twin have demonstrated, through the formation and incubation of Café Direct, the potential for smallholder coffee producers to bring about change in the coffee market.

Since then Twin and Christian Aid, with the Department for International Development, have facilitated a similar transformation of the chocolate and nut markets by supporting the formation of Kuapa Kokoo, Divine Chocolate and Liberation Foods. Twin has also initiated a joint marketing initiative in partnership with African Arabica coffee cooperatives.

Traidcraft comprises both a trading company (with product sales of almost £13m in 2012/13) that buys products from poor producer groups on a fair trade basis and markets these in the UK, and a development charity that helps producers overcome the barriers that prevent them from selling their products, provides business skills training and information services, and also influences opinion and behavior across private, public and social sectors.

Practical Action has been developing an approach called Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) to make markets more inclusive, reduce poverty on a large-scale and protect the environment. PMSD is designed to bring all of the key people within a particular market together. These people are known as stakeholders, or market actors.  The approach, which has been developed over 12 years of fieldwork, is based on three broad principles: systems thinking, participation, and facilitation.

Challenges Worldwide delivered on-site support to more than 200 individual SMEs in 25 countries in 2012, unlocking several million dollars of investment and increasing annual performance by an average of 30%.

ACRE welcomes approaches from other NGO’s interested in being part of a market-lead approach that is able to drive community self reliance in developing countries. To find out more get in touch with us.

Please follow the links below to find out more about getting involved in the ACRE journey.

Please follow the links below to find out more about getting involved in the ACRE journey.

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